For further assistance accessing the features on this website please feel free to call 530-584-6826 or 530-525-2992.  



Local public transportation in the North Lake Tahoe and West Shore area is provided by TART and Night Rider.  Bus stops are conveniently located at Homewood (for the North Lodge and West Shore Cafe) and Tahoe Ski Bowl Way (for the South Lodge). If you plan to take TART to work, please keep in mind that delays are very likely during and after snow storms and on holidays (e.g. July 4th weekend, Christmas, New Years, etc). We highly suggest taking an earlier TART ride when delays are expected.



The Tahoe Area Regional Transit, or TART, provides public transportation in the North Lake Tahoe area.  Homewood Mountain Resort/West Shore Café will provide you with a bus pass free of charge.  Bus passes are to be used for work purposes only and are issued as early as your first day of work and are available in the Human Resources office.


Night Rider

TART also provides free night service called the Night Rider.  The Night Rider stops at all TART stops with a few additional stops.  The Night Rider typically runs from 6:00PM to Midnight.  Current Night Rider schedule is available online.  Please note, the schedule posted online at the moment might not reflect the upcoming season.  Check back for the schedule that will apply to your season.


Blue Go and Emerald Bay Trolley (Summer only)

The Blue Go provides public transportation in the South Lake Tahoe area and the Emerald Bay Trolley only runs during the summer season.  Go to Tahoe Transportation District for more information on South Shore tranpsoration services.



The North Lake Tahoe Express provides affordable daily VIP Airport Service from 3:30am until Midnight from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport to the North Lake Tahoe and Truckee region.  Travel time to and from Reno Airport is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours without any unexpected delays, depending on stop location.  The North Lake Tahoe Express Counter is located in baggage claim within the North Lake Tahoe Welcome Center just across from baggage carousal #5 in the Reno Airport.


Destinations and Departure Times

A list of destinations is available on the website.  Please note, there are no direct stops to or from Homewood Mountain Resort/West Shore Café.  The nearest North Lake Tahoe Express stop is at West Shore-Sunnyside Resort or the Tahoe City Transit Center.  From there, you can take the TART to your destination.


How do I make a reservation?

Reservations must be made online and 24 hours in advance.



The Amtrak provides transporatoin to Truckee station by bus and train.  Purchasing a ticket in advance is highly recommended.



Take TART to your destination.


The employee shuttle is only in service during the winter season.

More information to come.

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